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let there be invaders! >:D
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Good, Little One by XxMoonlightWolveXx
Good, Little One
Wanted to draw a little thing from District 9! 
It's Christopher and his son |D
Loved those two.

"We're going to play hide and seek!"
"yes yes!"

So cute.

Christopher and Son - District 9
Fun IZ Cover! by XxMoonlightWolveXx
Fun IZ Cover!
Just wanted to do a fan cover of the first issue of IZ coming out!! I'M SO EXCITED I HAD TO MAKE MAI OWNNNN

Hope you enjoy!

Used SAI and Photoshop

Zim and Dib - Jhonen Vasquez
ZIM Shirt Design? by XxMoonlightWolveXx
ZIM Shirt Design?
Just thinkin outside the box here about what I usually do.. never shirt designs though, right? amirite? I can't remember if I did one or not haha, anyway! These aren't actually for sale you foolios.. It's just fun to make shirt designs! Hope you like it!
Dat shirt outline doh

Invader ZIM - Jhonen Vasquez

Design however is mine e3e
Clams by XxMoonlightWolveXx
Went to the beach and decided to take a nice picture of some sweet bunches of clams I found around a tide pool! Hope you enjoy this little picture I took! :3 Actually was taken with a camcorder ahah.
Old Rival by XxMoonlightWolveXx
Old Rival
(I beg you don't zoom in lol)

I was inspired by Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom to draw this scene of Zim! I felt so bad for him in this one, my gosh. 
Anyway! Sure took a little while! I couldn't decide whether to take the linework out or not, so I just kept it, hope you enjoy it!

Zim - Jhonen Vasquez


Jodi (Kiba)
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
You come to my page often....~
I bet you do..~
Let me buy you a drink sometime....~
A tall glass of champagne perhaps...~
but I do have my own..
Oh yeah.. go away.

bouncy journal doll by XxMoonlightWolveXx
Samansa-boo journal by XxMoonlightWolveXx

....She needs to get a life..
Tell me 'bout it..
Alright, lets just start out with one. Basic. Thing.
I am an Invader Zim lover and I have OC's called;
Kiba, Abik, Commission - XxMoonlightWolveXx--Abik by ProjectHalfbreed (by ProjectHalfbreed) Pho, Blax, and Keeno
I am not one to ship canon characters together, therefore I don't support any Invader Zim pairings like ZaDr, ZaGr, RaPr, TaGr (I think thats what it is..), DaTr, etc.
That doesn't mean I'm a hater, or I don't like gay people or lezzies, it just means I dislike those pairings.
(I should really take down my ZaKr (Zim and Kiba romance) pictures if I'm saying this then.. heh....)

I really appreciate anybody who faves/comments on my art! :iconheartrollplz:
I absolutely love anybody who draws IZ, voice acts, has an interest in anything that has to do with film and animation, likes Disney movies, somebody who will never be too old for 90's cartoons, y'know.. etc.

I'm not doing commissions at the momento..SO I WONT TELL YOU ANYTHING :iconzimanimatedlaughplz: ..because I haven't quite been able to draw for the past couple days..but I'm gonna try again in a bit..

Sister: :iconedebell:
Best Friends: :iconari-bunnii: :iconcatsville1: :icondinowolf0049056: :iconpastel-castiel: :iconmeltheinvader: :iconcuddlesandhuggles:

support my boyfriend stamp by Endien HotBF Stamp by Eyesofthewind Permission to squee, plz by ShadowStarEXE

Fave DA Artists! :iconcuddlesandhuggles: :iconcatsville1: :iconmeltheinvader: :iconari-bunnii: :icondinowolf0049056:

ehhh... I'll update this when I figure out what else to say..

Kiba Stamp :D by XxMoonlightWolveXx For Ashy ^^ by XxMoonlightWolveXx For shifty53 ^^ by XxMoonlightWolveXx Nuic Stamp by razzyo09
ZIM Fan Stamp by kuro-stamps Invader Zim by Julesie Where did that taco go by Julesie I love Zim stamp by MoonprincessofDoom Zim by savagebinn It's Not ZADR Stamp by In-The-Zone Irkens Don't Have Boobs by Maran-Zelde zadr Free Page Stamp by WarmedOldMuslinAbout Gir... by FantasyFreak-FanGirl Team ZiM by aumarra Stamp - Irken Artist by Zenity I support Satoko stamp ^^ by XxMoonlightWolveXx Stamp Dib Fan by Dphantomgirl
A Request from Ashbiohazard ^^ by XxMoonlightWolveXx Skylar Stamp by MelTheInvader Ciel in Sebastian's trunk by bellie1997 (<-- lmao wut)

Commission- XxMoonlightwolvexX- Kiba Half by SecretagentGCommission- XxMoonlightWolveXx- Zim Half by SecretagentG

And thank you for visiting my page..!

Hello my watchers.
I make this journal to hopefully bring your attention about what has happened recently.
I was hit by a car Thursday the 5th of this month while riding my bike to school. This really isn't a joke (I say that because of my childish actions in the past) But I broke my collar bone and was admitted to the hospital for a couple hours before being sent home to heal. Not being able to write of move my arm in those last couple of days, I apologize for not making a journal sooner.
Of course the side of my clavicle that was broke had to be the side with my right arm ._. Now I need help with everything I used to do. It's like I'm hauling around a useless arm that's making my grades lower..

Anyway, just a heads up cause I only make this journal just to give you another warning about my absence on DA, but goodnight now.
  • Mood: Pain
Y'know I always wanted to know how I got 'popular' back then from just being this crazed out little hyper freak with my mary sue characters.
It really seems now that I've grown up to be just this.. this not as fun person. I mean I miss spending my days rushing to come home from school just to continue a roleplay with one of my best friends on deviantart.. that now, I can't even really speak to.. Roleplay's just aren't what they used to be.

I've been feeling so empty lately, and I'm now questioning how deviantart ever became that fun spot for me to visit every day, because nobody really talks anymore.. I haven't had's, friends have become less interested in what used to be their passions, and I've lost some friends along the way, very dear ones.
Anyway.. I never wanted to change, right now I still try to be that fun person. Maybe I just don't feel like I am because everybody else has had such a.. well, more mature impact on me that I reflected back on other people or something. 

Down to my point.
I'll still be on, just note that I won't really be on a whole lot like I was. I'll definitely post more art though.

Please comment or leave me a note if you'd like to say anything to me.
  • Mood: Lonely

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