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April 30, 2012
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Invader Zim:Mystery Episode

While walking home from Skool, Zim Is Still Ranting To Himself About What Dib Did Today...

ZIM: "Oooohh that little pig weasel PIG! ARGggg!!!!! how he will pay OHH HOW HE WILL PAY!!!"
*Gets to his house and breaks lamp while slamming door*

 Shortly After...

GIR:"Wat Wuz that?"

*Opens Door*

"Wha.... WOW!" :D

It was right there right in front of Zim's house!
A big Blue and black ship that appeared in the distance from all the dirt that was covering the Ship

GIR:*Slowly walks over to Crashed Ship with a combination of curiosity and amazement on his mind*

While walking over the the Mysterious crash-landed ship, he began to tremble of the thought that something terrible was going to jump out at him if he opened it.

GIR Couldn't see the inside of the ship because it had been covered in dirt when it crashed.But that had only Made GIR more curious to take a look inside.

GIR slowly opened the ship as pieces of gravel and hard dirt clumps fell off the top of the ship.

GIR Couldn't believe his eyes! Another Irken!
But she had appeared to be a Female Irken like Tak.
She was wearing a Blue and black striped shirt with a black jacket over it as well as black pants with hot pink rips down the front. She also wore Black Converse and had gloves like any other Irken.
Cartoon:Part Of Part 1 :3 by XxMoonlightWolveXx

She had been Sitting in a position that looked highly uncomfortable.
Her legs were up on top of a snack bin, while her head remained on the pilots chair next to the controls.

GIR froze.
Then he began to wonder if she was still alive, or just seemingly unconscious

GIR decided not to leave her in the crashed ship alone, so he dragged her inside Zim's house and on to the couch.
He went to go get Zim from his base to show him what he had discovered.

Zim had still been mumbling to himself about what had happened at Skool today with Dib.

ZIM:"Mrrrggg stupid Dib-stink...pig smelly of a human....."

GIR:"Mastah! mastah!!"

ZIM:"What is it GIR...?"


ZIM:"Not Now gir im busy..."

GIR:*starts screaming in Zims face*

ZIM:"Alright FINE!! Ill come with you"


They both headed up to the living room where The Irken had been laying unconscious on the couch

ZIM:":iconzimo-oplz: Ahhh!!! Giirrr?? Another Irken??? Who... wha... What is this?!"

GIR:"SHHHH!!! shes asleep!!!"

ZIM:"No GIR it seems as If Shes unconscious"
*Looks Out Window and sees crashed ship*
"She Better not be here to take over MY planet.... NO ONE steals ZIMS planet.... NO ONE!!!!"

But.. But she can STAY right????

ZIM:"Arhhgggg....for Tonight only...... i need to think about this for awhile......"
*Hops back in trash can leading to base*

GIR:*Walks over and plops down on the floor next to the Irken, just waiting for her to wake up*

5 Minutes later...

IRKEN:*Wakes up from being unconscious and suddenly a strange little robot pops up in her face*


GIR:AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*rolls backwards, gets up and hides*

IRKEN:"What The.....?"

GIR:*trembles* "Heh...Hello.....?"


GIR:*comes out of hiding place to see the Irken clearly and heads over to where she was sitting*

IRKEN:"Where Am I?"

GIR:HIIIIII!!!!!!!! *Smiles*



IRKEN: ....

GIR:*still smiling*

IRKEN:*gets up and heads over to door limping from the crash and looks outside to see her ship*
"Awhhhh... its gonna take Weeks to get my ship repaired...."

GIR:Still sitting in the same spot he had been,walks over and stands next to the Irken.

IRKEN:*Thinks, Hmmm he must be Irken Technology...* Is there anybody else here with you?

GIR:"(gasp) Sure! ill be right bak!"
*runs quickly into the kitchen squeaking as he went, and hopped into the trash-can Zim uses to get to his base*

IRKEN:"Ok then... what a weird little robot....."

Later in Zim's Base...

GIR:"Mastaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! Shes Awake!"

ZIM:"Huh? ok then.. lets go see what shes up to and why she has come here..."

*Zim And GIR both hop out of trash-can and head towards the living room*

ZIM:"Who Are You and Why Have You Come here? Have you come to take over MY planet?!?"

Irken:"Wha...? No? I would never take over someone else's planet.And I crash-landed here from Planet Irk while i was talking with some friends, When something went wrong inside of my ship."

ZIM:"Do you have any thoughts of what went wrong?"

IRKEN:"No, i have no idea what could've went wrong."

ZIM:"Hmmm.... And Your name?"

IRKEN: Ohh sorry....People call me Kiba But my Real name is Jodi...

ZIM:*Thinks Hmm....Kiba....*
"Well then...Considering you have no place to stay for the night..i guess you"ll have to stay here until i can figure out how to make this work..."
KIBA:"And Your name?"

ZIM: Oh, Im Zim and This Is GIR.

GIR:*waves* HIIIIIII!!! :D

KIBA:"Yes hes made quite an appearance today."

ZIM:"Yes....well GIR will do the pleasure of showing you around.."

GIR:"Yes, My Master!"

KIBA:"Ohh wait one more thing, i just need to grab something out of my ship."
*Walks out door and heads over to ship*

*Comes back with a SIR being carried in her arms*

KIBA:"This is Keeno. He was given to me before i was assigned a planet during Impending Doom 1."

ZIM:"You mean your an Invader as well?"


ZIM:"Hmmm....Well then, What was the name of the planet you took over?"

KIBA:"It was called Planet Morch."

ZIM:Hmm.... Ok GIR you can Show her around now
*Whispers to GIR, "just make sure she doesn't find out about my base yet, she cant be fully trusted....For now."

GIR:"Yes my Master!"
*heads over to Kiba and starts pulling on her sleeve*
"Come! :D "

Later In the Membrane Household...

DIB:"Hahahaaa! You Should've seen Zim's Face at Skool today!"


DIB:Hahahahaaaa! It was right in the middle of Class too!


DIB:"I pulled off his PAK in the Middle of Skool where everybody could see REAL PROOF!
Because if the PAK is disconnected from his back, he would have 10 minutes to reconnect it or else he would've Died. I found that out today when i disconnected it from his back. therefore he was FORCED to say that in front of me >:3

GAZ: "Be quiet im trying to beat this last level..."

DIB: :|

Back At Zims Base....

ZIM:" is this going to work..? She's Irken and her ship needs intense repairs.....and there is no repair bays on this.... fffffffilthy Rock! Maybe I could somehow come up with a Disguise for Kiba.....Hmm....She also has to go to Skool with me too.....Beacsue she might sneak around and discover my base... and who knows what she could do while i'm gone...."
*Gets up out of chair and heads away from his base and up to the living-room*

ZIM:*See's that GIR and Kiba were hunched up on the couch watching Angry Monkey. Kiba did not seem very entertained with that show....*

KIBA: "Hi Zim" ^^ *Waves happily*
*see's that Zim didn't wave back so she had put her head back down and clears throat*

ZIM: "Ahem.....Kiba i need to speak with you."

KIBA:*Walks over to Zim*

Zim had then realized that when they had stood face to face, they were exactly the same height, which had given him a better idea of what Kiba's disguise would look like.

ZIM: "uhhh... Hold On, i'll be right back..."
*jumps into trash-can and heads down to base and Transforms his ship so he could generate a disguise for Kiba*


ZIM:*Takes Disguise out and grabs 2 tiny Skelectros from his desk. (He had discovered them when they were dropped by other Irkens during Impending Doom 1 when he was on a serious rampage)

ZIM:*Travels back up to Living room where Kiba had still been standing*
"This will be your disguise for Tomorrow, these tiny skelectros attach to your PAK in order to change your skin color.

KIBA:*Thinks: why didn't he just grab them when he was coming up to the living-room in the first place?*

ZIM:*tosses Kiba her disguise and the 2 tiny skelectros*

Kiba had nearly dropped her disguise and the Skelectros from the poorly thrown toss

KIBA: "Jeez, just try as hard as you can to toss my disguise and skelectros why dont you"

ZIM:*Gives her a mean scowl* "HEY! your lucky i'm even NICE enough to GIVE you that disguise.....ALONG with those skelectros! Now Go put your disguise on so i can see if i made it right.....and Make SURE you don't attach the Skelectros anywhere else BESIDES your PAK."

KIBA: "Jeez, ok"
*Goes and puts on disguise and comes out quickly*

ZIM:"Good, now tomorrow i will instruct you on what to do"

GIR:*who had been sitting on the couch the whole time just eavesdropping had said* "Oooooooh you look sooo goooood ^^ You want some waffles?"

KIBA:"Hey, I kinda like this disguise can I keep it on for awhile?"

GIR: *had taken the pleasure of answering that question before Zim could even say anything* SURE ^^

ZIM:..... ok i guess you can.

KIBA: Ok thanks :meow:

GIR:*Smiles at Kiba*

KIBA:*later at night:Falls asleep on couch with GIR in her arms* (only reason she can fall asleep is because her PAK can store energy easier when Irken isnt moving around).

Next Day...

GIR:*wakes up and jumps out out of Kibas arms, then starts rolling on the floor*

ZIM:*comes up to the living room and notices that Kiba is sleeping which is unusual for a normal Irken*
"SLEEPING!?!?!?!?!? I THINK NOT!?"

GIR: "SHHHHHH!!!!!!"

ZIM:"GIR! get over here and wake up Kiba!"

GIR:"Okee Dokee :meow: "
*walks over to Kiba and starts shaking her shoulders hard*
"WAKE UP!!!!!!!" GIR Screamed.

KIBA:*suddenly wakes up and falls off couch*

ZIM:*slightly smiles and chuckles under his breath* "heh..heh..heh..heh...

GIR:"smirks at Zim"



ZIM:.....*walks over to GIR, bends over and whispers,* "the only reason i gave her a disguise is because i need her to come to Skool with me and thats because i don't want her sneaking around in my base while i'm not here."
"Ok Kiba we have to go to Skool now. I see you already have your disguise and skelectros equipped."

KIBA:"Oh yeah... that's because i fell asleep with them on..."
*gets up and walks over to Zim*

ZIM:"now lets go, we don't want to be late"

Kiba opens the door and is about to walk out when Zim stops her and she walks back inside holding the door open.



ZIM: always let more SUPERIOR beings out FIRST!

KIBA: -_-
"ok your MAJESTY... RIGHT THIS WAY......
*holds door open for Zim*

ZIM:*walks out with a serious look on his face*

KIBA:*follows behind Zim*

*Both start walking to Skool and begin to feel akward walking next to each-other*

KIBA:"Are you sure these disguises will work?", she asks.

ZIM:"Their working right now aren't they?"

KIBA:"Well yeah, but there's nobody around to notice....."

ZIM:".......LIIEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Just wait until we arrive at Skool", Zim Orders.

KIBA:"Jeez alright, ok, just have your head explode off your shoulders there..."

ZIM:"-_- silENCE!!!!"

*Not talking to each-other the rest of the way, they Both arrive at Skool and walk to Ms.Bitters class*

KIBA:*looks around in suspicion as she walked with Zim*

 *As they both arrived at Ms.Bitters classroom, Kiba, however, who hadn't seen one earth being, was curious about them*

MS.BITTERS:"Uhgg another one? Looks like we have a new student class..."

KIBA:"Hi :D Im Kiba ^^ Nice to meet you all ^^"

*The class who had only listened to a few words she had said, just went back to doing what they were busy with*

Kiba, looking sad that nobody had listened to her, walked over and found an empty seat at the back of the classroom.

DIB:*Mumbles to himself* "This had better not be another alien like Tak..."

Few hours later.....   RRRIINNGG!!!

KIBA: "AHHHHHH!!!" *falls out of chair*

DIB: *looks at the empty desk behind him and sees Kiba on the floor* ?

Just Read :P
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